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Game made for the Mana Pool Jam hosted by Gaemz & Spektrum Crash Zine in Koenji, Tokyo. 

The game takes the theme of Mana Pool and imagines it as a fields of energy, asking the questions: how does it feel to be in someone else's shit? what kind of energy makes us feel comfortable and at ease? what do we bring into others' fields that helps or hurts them? 

Anyways, it's an experimental game about catching vibes and feeling energies. 

Stay as long as you'd like, we're not here to judge you.


The super cool squiggly models were made by Nomi, she's cool, look at her twitter over here: @the_nomi

OG Soundtrack by The Glad Scientist. You should check him out (@zegladscientist) if you like the music bc he made the game.


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